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March Newsletter - New Site Features, MFL10s - Draft-Only, Earn Big Discounts On Your 2014 League Purchase.

Here at MyFantasyLeague.com, we're already busy working on the site for 2013 to ensure that your league experience here is better than ever before. Some of the many enhancements that we've already completed for 2013 include:

  1. MFL 10s - Draft-Only - We know how much our customers loved our first foray into public leagues in 2012, and one of the things that folks really wanted to see for 2013 was a draft-only version of these leagues - so here they are!. We're sure that you'll find our MFL10s - Draft-Only Leagues a fun and easy (no in-season roster management!) way of joining another league here early in the off-season, with a great chance of turning $10 into $100.
  2. Better League Search - If you're in a lot of MFL leagues, or accessing your MFL leagues from a variety of different devices, there are times that finding all of the leagues you're in takes a fair bit of time. To address that problem, you can now search for all of your leagues from the MFL Home Page Search Box based on your email address. The old ways of searching for your leagues (by name, and by league ID) will still work, too.
  3. Tweets About NFL Players - The top of the Player Profile Report has a new link on it titled Tweets which shows a feed of all tweets about any given player.
  4. Wireless Page Improvements - The many Wireless Reports we offer now include additional features, including the ability to vote in league polls, submit survivor pool picks, and easier player filtering.
  5. Recently Used Setup Pages - The Commissioner Setup page has a new section on it titled "Recently Used" which lists the five most recently used setup pages your commissioner has accessed, hopefully making it much easier to get back to frequently accessed setup pages.
  6. League Videoconference Page Improvements - The League Videoconference page has had some formatting changes made to it to have a better layout when there are fewer folks from your league in the videoconference. We'd love for you to experiment with this unique feature, and let us know your feedback on it!
  7. Salary Cap For Starting Lineup - Some contest-style leagues impose a salary cap on starting lineups (as opposed to entire rosters). This year, salary cap leagues will have a new field on the "Salary Cap Setup" page called "Per-Franchise Starting Lineup Salary Cap" to enforce that rule for your league, if needed.
  8. Developer's Program Enhancements - we continue to make enhancements to our developer's program including the support for the JSON file format, ICS file export, trading future draft picks, and searching for leagues based on owner email addresses. If you're a third-party developer who is interested in getting access to MyFantasyLeague.com data in industry-standard XML or JSON format, be sure to see check out this always-evolving program for new additions. And for all other customers, be sure to check out this page for a fairly comprehensive list of third parties that are using our developer's program for creating useful add-ons to the core MyFantasyLeague.com site.
  9. Bigger File Uploads - Logos, icons, sound clips and other files that you upload to the site can now be up to 300kb in size. Previously, we limited those files to 200kb uploads. But keep in mind, bigger is not always better. If everyone in your league starts using 300kb icons, your league home page may well take forever to load.
  10. Export League Calendar - The top of the League Calendar page has a new link titled "ICS File Export" which will allow you to export your league calendar in the industry-standard "ICS" file format, for importing into other calendar programs like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and more.
  11. Infrastructure Upgrades - we've got several significant infrastructure upgrades scheduled this off-season. So far, these upgrades have been mainly behind-the-scenes, but shortly, it will mean some system-wide downtime for your league. These upgrades will help ensure that we can deliver the best product possible for 2013 and beyond. We will notify all customers via a message displayed on your league home page when this down-time is scheduled.

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And if you had a league with another league management provider in 2012 (CBS, Yahoo, ESPN, etc.) we offer significant discounts for moving that league to us in 2013, as well as the ability to automatically import your league history from many of those sites - see this page for more details.

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Finally, don't forget that the NFL schedule displayed on your 2013 MyFantasyLeague.com league is a dummy/made up schedule. When the official NFL schedule gets released (which should be mid-April), your 2013 league will be updated to reflect this change.

As always, please let us know if you have any comments, questions or suggestions for the site!

The MyFantasyLeague.com Team