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Official Statistics Changes

Stat Changes for Week #9

The following stat changes were made by the Elias Sports Bureau, and are now available to be applied to your league on MyFantasyLeague.com:

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns

  • Jabaal Sheard: from 3 to 4 Tackles.
  • Jabaal Sheard: from 5 to 4 Assists.
  • Jabaal Sheard: from 0.5 Sacks for 4 Yards to 1 Sack for 8 Yards.
  • Juqua Parker: from 2 to 1 Assists.
  • Juqua Parker: from 0.5 Sacks for 4 Yards to 0 Sacks.
  • Juqua Parker: from 1 to 0 QuarterBack Hits.

Arizona Cardinals at Green Bay Packers

  • Calais Campbell: from 6 to 5 Tackles.
  • Dan Williams: from 4 to 5 Tackles.

Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans

  • (Play changed from a Rush to a Sack)
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick: from 3 Rushes for 18 Yards to 2 Rushes for 14 Yards.
  • Bills: from 16 Rushes for 78 Yards to 15 Rushes for 74 Yards.
  • Bills: from 308 to 304 Total Net Yards.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick: from 3 to 4 Sacks Against.
  • Texans Defense: from 3 to 4 Sacks.
  • Whitney Mercilus: from 1 to 2 Sacks.

Chicago Bears at Tennessee Titans

  • Matt Hasselbeck: from 194 to 200 Passing Yards.
  • Titans: from 174 to 180 Net Passing Yards.
  • Titans: from 333 to 339 Total Net Yards.
  • Chris Johnson: from 4 to 10 Receiving Yards.

Carolina Panthers at Washington Redskins

  • Deangelo Hall: from 0 to 1 Blocked Field Goals.

Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks

  • Jared Allen: from 3 to 2 Assists.
  • Jared Allen: from 0.5 Sacks for 4 Yards to 0 Sacks.
  • Jared Allen: from 3 to 2 QuarterBack Hits.
  • Brian Robison: from 1 to 2 Tackles.
  • Brian Robison: from 1 to 0 Assists.
  • Brian Robison: from 0.5 Sacks for 4 Yards to 1 Sack for 8 Yards.

If you want to apply these stat changes to your league on myfantasyleague.com, you can use the For Commissioners > Statistics Changes menu item.