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What do our customers think?

Thanks for all your help! I have been in the customer service business in one form or another for 15 years. I tend to be very critical. I appreciate the promptness, delivery, and knowledge of your assistance and that of the website. In conjunction, this has been one of the more pleasant experiences I have had online. Keep up the great work and I look forward to using your program this season. Bill S.

Got GameDay?

GameDay is our live scoring application that gives quick, accurate, in-game scoring for one or more of your MyFantasyLeague.com leagues. Track all your leagues through one interface and be sure to check out the audio announcing feature. Only here at MyFantasyLeague.com!

Fantasy Football Sales FAQ

What is MyFantasyLeague.com?

MyFantasyLeague.com is the easiest way to manage your fantasy football league on the web. 2015 will be our 21th year offering 100% customized web-based fantasy football tools. Customized means you control everything - from league size to scoring rules to your league's appearance.

How much does it cost?

Pricing for the 2015 season is as little as $69.95 (there are no extra/hidden charges). Please see our Purchase page for pricing details.

How much for weekly stats? How much for transactions?

Not a penny more. MyFantasyLeague.com will only cost a flat rate for your whole league for the entire season, period. Regardless of how many owners there are in your league, regardless of the number of transactions, or anything else.

What are some features that MyFantasyLeague.com offers?

There are too many to list here! We've dedicated a whole page to answer that question.

This sounds too good to be true - how do I know you guys are for real?

Don't just take our word for it - go to our Customer Comments and see first hand what past subscribers have said about our services.

What if everyone in my league doesn't have web access?

MyFantasyLeague.com will still work. Owners that do have web access can submit their own lineups and perform their own transactions, and the league commissioner can submit lineups and make transactions for the owners who do not have web access.

Do we have to draft on-line?

No. MyFantasyLeague.com allows you to draft on-line if you'd like to, but also allows you to draft off-line, and the commissioner can later go to your league home page and enter the draft results. In addition, you can use our FFLM software program (for FREE) to hold your draft in any location that can utilize a PC. These draft results can then easily be imported into your MyFantasyLeague.com online league.

How does MyFantasyLeague.com compare to other services?

Check out our Product Comparison page for the answer to that question.

My league has some special rules regarding trades - I don't want owners to be able to trade among themselves!

iNo problem. MyFantasyLeague.com allows you, as the commissioner, to indicate what league owners should be able to do including drafting, trading, waivers and injured reserve. You can allow owners to do any or all of these things on-line.

Can MyFantasyLeague.com handle our scoring system?

Most likely, yes. In general, MyFantasyLeague.com can handle all scoring systems. Even if your league has a very unique scoring system that cannot be automatically scored by MyFantasyLeague.com, we have a score adjuster feature where the commissioner can manually adjust the scores for any team or player each week, if needed. Please visit our League Scoring Options page to see if all of your league scoring rules are listed.

How soon after I sign up can I set up my league?

You can set up a league for free before you order, just to be sure the site is right for you. To set up a 2015 league, just visit this page. Then when you're ready to order, just choose the For Commissioners >> $$Purchase League$$ option from your league's menu.

Can I set up my own league to get a better idea of how this works?

Yes, definitely. Just click here to set up your own 2015 MyFantasyLeague.com league.

When do I have to sign up by?

While you can sign up at any time, we recommend that you register as early as possible. Since many people will wait until the last minute, our resources are more accessible the earlier you order and set up your league. In addition, we offer a discount for ordering early. See our Purchase page for details.

Still have more questions?

Check out the toolbar above, links below, or feel free to contact us via our support form, and we'll be happy to answer your questions!